With a mouse scroll: From 4.3 Million Data Points Down to One
Get access to data that can be used to justify and defend
V3 delivers what other platforms can't: 100% data integrity
Our V3 platform collects data up to and including T[0]
See your trading behavior in the context of the market
The complexity of compliance regulations is placing tremendous stress on trading firms and compliance executives who must protect their firms’ reputations, trading rights, and profitability. In December of 2016, CME raised the maximum possible fine for rule breakers to $5 million per offense from $1 million in a bid to deter wrongdoing - making proper supervision not just necessary, but critical.
Vertex has created the V3 Platform to give you the tools to meet supervision regulations and safeguard your business. With V3, you can supervise your firm’s trading activities continually to both scan for patterns across products and markets and gain a trading edge, or analyze post-inquiry to obtain defensible context. V3 was built to help you navigate today’s compliance environment.

How the V3 Platform Works

Step 1

Deep Data Store (400K+ products)

Step 2

Access Layer pulls raw data & runs analytics

Step 3

Customer-Defined Trading Pattern

Step 4

Patented BOOK visualization engine

With V3 you can see what matters

Choose from V3’s library of scanner patterns or use your own to identify instances of problematic behavior. You will now have access to data that can be used to justify and defend activity under investigation by the CFTC or other regulators.

V3 does what no other product can do: deliver 100% data integrity. We ingest billions of trading messages from exchange data and DropCopy files without losing one. V3 collects data up to and including T(0) and organizes by exchange sequence, all with complete market data integrity - providing the highest possible quality market data.

Our easy-to-use, browser-based interface and dashboard provide you with defensible context to support your compliance environment and allow you to navigate the massive amount of incoming market data at any level of granularity.

V3 is the only solution that allows you to see your trading behavior in the context of the market and proactively supervise trading by observing patterns across products and markets. Making informed decisions about potential irregularities, and taking timely action, is what brings trading success.


One Billion

Over a billion messages collected daily

Data collected up to and including T[0]


100% Data Integrity

100% Data Uptime


Fiscal year 2015: CFTC reports record $3.14B in civil monetary penalties

FY 2016: CFTC aggressively pursues litigation in over 100 cases