bringing order life cycles to life

November 16, 2017
by VXfintech

Category: Market Activity

In a crowded fintech world, Vertex has focused on building a foundation that captured and stored every message an exchange sent out, in order to give our users a view into the market no one else can. V3 is able to show how a market unfolded down to an event-by-event view, so you can visualize the entire life cycle of an order, seeing exactly what happened and how it unfolded. By having every single data point, you can feel confident you have all the information, unlike other tools that clump data together through summations of time leaving pockets of data unavailable to the end user.  It is only with V3 that the user is able to see the exact activity the led to a market move. 
While seeing raw events is powerful, giving users the ability to see which events are connected shows the market in a new light.  Thanks to the CME's MBO data, we not only can show how the market truly unfolded, but we can show which of the events are from the same Order ID.  So when a unique pattern presents itself, using V3 you can see if it came from the same order or not.
In a quickly evolving trading world where everyone is chasing an edge, this kind of unique, never before seen insight just might give you yours.