transform activity into actionable information

November 9, 2017
by VXfintech

Category: Market Activity

To get a true understanding of any market, you need the ability to transform activity into actionable information. What is presented on a ladder gives a glimpse into what is happening in real time, but the problem is that market events happen too quickly to pick up on behaviors. So, while you can see when the price goes up or down in any market, you can't begin to understand the underlining behavior that is driving those moves. 

Within V3, however, Vertex has built a system that captures and stores every message the exchange sends out. V3 takes advantage of that data and visualizes it so that you can see the event-by-event granularity of any market. This allows you to pull up any contract and see exactly how a market truly unfolded, such as if there was any quote behavior that drove a price move. With this level granularity, V3 gives you the ability to take what was once just activity and turn it into actionable information.