What Just Happened? China Monday

January 7, 2016
by VXfintech

Category: Market Activity

On Monday, January 4, the first trading day of 2016, a sharp selloff in China created aftershock effects for investors worldwide. The Shanghai Index dipped more than -6%, and Vertex was able to capture the volatility of this market event before, during and after it occurred in nanosecond detail. Through a complete 24-hour Intraday view, see how the E-mini S&P 500 Futures contract chart reveals how futures traders reacted to the event.

• Investors in the futures markets were able to position themselves Sunday evening before the Monday morning bell. The market actually ended up closing higher on the day.

• The overnight session shows how little volume was needed to move the market.

• Overall, the contract volume exceeded two million – a busy start to the year.

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