V3 tells the story

October 20, 2017
by VXfintech

Category: Market Activity

The power of Vertex's ability to capture every single message an exchange sends out really shines in V3.  The first image of the animation shows you a summary of an entire trading session for the Euro, but what is powering that image are the millions of market events that the CME sent out for that particular session.  

As you can see in the animation above, because V3 has access to all of those messages, the user has the ability to zoom into any point of the session to such a granular level that they can see how the market unfolds event by event.  This level of detail brings out details and behaviors that can't be seen anywhere else.  The user finally has access to and can see all the quote updates for any session, and see how the events unfolded to tell a story.  On top of that, they can see and find behaviors that were once thought to be a single action, in fact were not.  In this particular example, the time between the two trade sweeps being shown is less than 1 millisecond.  Without this level of detail, how could a trader possibly know that what they thought was a single 5 tick trade sweep was in fact made up of 2 separate trade sweeps? 

With access to the complete data and the ability to bring that data to life through our visualizations, V3 is the only place where a someone can see the story of how the market truly unfolded.