5 Second Halt

August 25, 2017
by VXfintech

Category: Market Activity

Today, the Gold Futures contract (GCZ7) experienced such an extreme trade event that the CME had to halt trading for 5 seconds. After extreme events like this, the question is what just happened? Only V3 can really show you - our platform allows you to not just see a summary of price action like all other charting services, but allows you to drill down into the data to see exactly what occurred in the market event-by-event. 

The ability to look at the market through events allows you to see and get exact details of what occurred.  In the case of this extreme trade event, you can see the true volume of the sweep, orders that were matched, and the number of price levels the sweep went through.  Full details for every quote event can also be seen in V3, so when gold was halted for 5 seconds, V3 allows you to drill into that period of time and see all the book activity that happened, allowing you to see how the market truly behaved and found a price to start trading at once the halt was lifted.  The ability to see this level of detail in the market can only be found in V3.