When data tells the story

July 7, 2017
by VXfintech

Category: Market Activity

In researching trading activity, nothing matters quite as much as context. A specific trader’s activity only tells half the story, you need more data points to be able to really #SeeWhatMatters. In the image above, we see that RBQ7 had a flurry of activity around 2 am on 7/6/17. V3's unique visualization allows you to zoom in on this trading pattern and make a determination with the following information:


1.         Market context – In V3, every market event is visible in sequence, which allows you to see how a trading session for a product truly unfolded.

2.         Time span – without knowing how quickly events unfolded, it’s difficult to determine whether any manipulation or disruption was intended. In V3, the time span is always visible at the top of the screen, showing exactly when the events depicted took place.

In these images, it’s clear that a lot of quoting activity is occurring, but is that normal? The quantity, along with the knowledge that the burst of activity is all occurring in under 36 milliseconds, leads us to believe that it’s not.