The New Way to Analyze Market Behavior


For the past 8 years Vertex has captured and stored every message an exchange sends out. Our new Code.Vx product leverages that granularity of data to give you the tools needed to finally have the ability to access not just the messages themselves but every field of each message. Giving you the power to build out and find just about any market behavior.

Vertex’s range of historical data and proprietary technology allow Code.Vx to give you results not for just a session or two but rather months’ worth of sessions in a matter of minutes. Making Code.Vx the ultimate tool for building out strategies.


The speed at which Code.Vx can access and process the market data allow it to not only find behaviors you are looking for from the past few months in minutes but actually what happened next in the market after each one. Giving you that next level of detail to determine if there is enough there to make a strategy out of the behavior.


Once an opportunity is found all the tools used in Code.Vx to find it can also be used to take that next step and build out a money management system. Since Code.Vx can run through large ranges of data quickly you can easily make adjustments or try different management styles to see what works best. Since Code.Vx leverages the data Vertex has been collecting and storing for years you don’t have worry about how to capture, store, manage the data. Code.Vx takes care of all of that allowing you to just focus on finding opportunities in the market.