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Event View: Overview

1. Editor View: Opens Editor View where scripts can be run (Default View upon logging in)

2. Event View: Opens Event Viewer where Market data is visualized

3. Time Start: Time of the first event shown in the Event visualization

4. Time Span: Time Span of all events shown in the Event visualization

5. Time End: Time of the last event shown in the Event visualization

6. OrderID Search: Searches and highlights all activity for one/multiple orderIDs (See OrderID Search Doc for more info)

7. Time Search: Enter a Time - visualization will center and zoom in on closest event with that time

8. PacketID Search: Enter the message packetID - visualization will center and zoom in on the first event in that packet

9. Results SidePanel: Displays all actions related to OrderIDs (See SidePanel Doc for more info)

10. Details SidePanel: Displays all known details about an event (See SidePanel Doc for more info)

11. Visualization Panel: Visualization of Market data down to an Event by Event view (See Marker Visualization Doc for more info)

12. Auto: Auto Scales the visualization

13. Full View: Zooms out to show a summary of the full trading session

14. Center: Centers the visualization to level one of both sides of the book

15. Ladder View: Displays a Ladder mimicking an execution platform in the center of the screen (See Ladder View Doc for more info)

16. Highlight Ladder: Changes the visualization when in Ladder view is active

17. Price Format: Toggles the format of the price shown from decimal to tick

18. Delta: Toggles the number shown in market event from the change that occurred to total quantity (Default is to show change)

19. Ghosting: Toggles from highlighting only the New Event to highlighting all book levels (Default is to highlight the new Event)

20. Implieds: Shows or hides implied market activity (default is hide implied market activity)

21. Events SubPanel: Shows a summary of all events like what is shown when fully zoomed out (See SubPanel Doc for more info)

22. Candle SubPanel: Shows a Candle chart of the trading session (See SubPanel Doc for more info)

23. PIT SubPanel: When ladder view is active, displays a horizontal bar chart of quantities sitting at each price level (See SubPanel Doc for more info)

24. SubPanel: Provides additional market visualization. Can be hidden by clicking on the tab currently in use