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Editor View: Overview

1. PANELS: Allows users to open and close the Explorer, Script, and Result panels (all three are open by default)

2. EDITOR VIEW: Opens Editor View where scripts can be run (Default View upon logging in)

3. EVENT VIEW: Opens Event Viewer where Market Data is visualized

4. SAMPLE SCRIPTS: Scripts users can run which identify unique market behaviors

5. RUN: Runs the script loaded in the Editor Window

6. EDITOR WINDOW: Where scripts are created and/or edited to find Market Behaviors

7. DATA CENTER: Loads the Data Center were Market Data can be purchased

8. CONTRACT: Allows users to send Vertex questions regarding the platform

9. HELP: Library of documentation and videos about the VX platform

10. RESULTS WINDOW: Where all the results from a scripted are loaded

11. STATUS WINDOW: Displays progress details of a run script (until completed)

12. PREFERENCES: Allows users to make changes to the UI. For example, background color