About Vertex

Vertex is a technology company focused on the futures trading market. Our mission is to give all traders an easy way to access and visualize the microstructure of market data, so that they can see what is really happening in the marketplace and react accordingly.

Our proprietary technology allows our customers to not just go through what happened today but what happened in the past so that they can create new or review existing trading strategies with the full picture of what is happening in the market.

Vertex Analytics has direct access to every single message from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. While the CME offers "fast data", Vertex offers all Exchange messages in a granular format.

In addition, Vertex gives you just the days you need - saving you invaluable time of sifting through a month's worth of data to find the day you want to review.

Vertex's mission is to offer all traders access to the futures market's microstructure. Built by traders for traders, the web-based Vertex Platform lets you access patented visualizations of CME market data so you see the full picture of what happened in the market today. Use code.vx historical data going back to 2013 to back-test your strategies with confidence.